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Management Consulting

Is your library or information center supporting the research needs of the organization in the most efficient and cost-effective manner? A management review helps determine whether you are on the right track and, if not, what can be done to improve library operations. Management reviews are tailored to fit your business needs and may cover all of the topics listed below or may concentrate on areas of particular concern to you. We also have significant experience in guiding libraries through post-merger adjustments as well as staff development initiatives.

For longer range planning, Axelroth & Associates will develop a strategic plan to be used as a guide to the continuing development of library resources, services and systems. A strategic plan will help ensure that the library is prepared to respond to the changing needs of the organization.

Management Reviews and Strategic Plans focus on some or all of these topics:

  • Management Responsibility - how policies and procedures are determined.
  • Staffing - reporting requirements, organization, size and skill level.
  • Collection Development - selection of resources and acquisition procedures.
  • Reference and Research Services - types and levels of services to patrons.
  • Technical Services - cataloging, circulation control, routing and other functions.
  • Automation and Technology - software and support for virtual information delivery.
  • Financial Management - budgeting, tracking costs and cost-recovery.
  • Space Design and Utilization - efficient and productive use of space.
  • Equipment and Supplies - requirements for housing and managing resources.
  • Statistics - use in daily planning and long-range forecasting.
  • Documentation - communicating internal procedures to library staff.