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» Combining Libraries

This featured article in PLL Perspectives explains the process of combining two library operations in the wake of a law firm merger. The companion article, Check Out These Issues, serves as a checklist for collecting data about the libraries in order to harmonize policies and procedures. To read this article, click here.

» Creating Synergy Through Competitive Intelligence Training

Bringing Marketing and the library together to design an effective CI training program would create more than a relevant, cost-efficient seminar within a law firm. Professional Development could facilitate the teamwork between these departments that will ensure continued success for the firm’s future. Together, these three departments can offer a satisfying and effective educational opportunity for the firm’s attorneys. To download this article, click here.

» The Research Assignment: JUST ASKing for a Teachable Moment

Assigning research can be a critical opportunity to mold young lawyers and to share the firm’s expertise. Although full blown mentoring may be a thing of the past, the mnemonic device JUST ASK provides an efficient structure for this invaluable teachable moment. To download this article, click here.

» Teaching Law Firm Research at Georgetown Law

Law Firm Research, an advanced legal research course at Georgetown Law, offers third year law students the chance to master high level practice skills through a unique teaching model. To read this article, click here.