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Merger Counseling

When two large regional firms merged, A&A analyzed the existing library operations and recommended a new structure, policies and processes to support the complex information needs of a dynamic, multi-office, multi-city law firm.

Shelving Save

As part of our project to relocate multiple libraries into unified new space, we redesigned the entire shelving layout in 20 minutes when it was discovered that the space contained only half the shelving shown on the plan.

Trends in Moot Courts

A&A was asked to determine whether law firms were building their own moot court facilities. We researched the issue and submitted a report quickly, saving our client time and moving the firm's project ahead.

Management Consulting

Is your library or information center supporting the research needs of the organization in the most efficient and cost-effective manner? A management review helps determine whether you are on the right track and, if not, what can be done to improve library operations. Management reviews are tailored to fit your business needs. We also have significant experience in guiding libraries through post-merger adjustments as well as staff development initiatives. More . . .

Placement Service

As former practicing librarians, we recognize the concern that many businesses have with the conventional system for recruiting professional library and information center staff. Axelroth & Associates has developed a customized approach to helping businesses find qualified staff.

Assistance is tailored to each client's individual requirements. The range of services is limited only by the needs of our clients. Because we view our placement assistance as an extension of our consulting services, we bill our services at a standard hourly rate, plus disbursements such as advertising fees. In other words, the client is paying only for the services received, rather than a flat fee based upon a significant percentage of the person's annual compensation. More . . .

Space Planning

If you're renovating or relocating, Axelroth & Associates provides expert assistance with every phase of your move from initial planning through actual relocation.

Running out of room with no where to go? Let us analyze your current use of space and recommend methods for using what you've got to its best advantage. More . . .

Technology Consulting

Technology and standards, content and applications evolve so quickly that your virtual assets can go from cutting edge to dated in two years or less. From architecture to wikis, we can help you lead technology initiatives within your organization. More . . .

Consulting À La Carte

Sometimes all you need is a little help. That's where we can come in. From PowerPoint makeovers to management research reports, we can be that extra time you always wished you had. More . . .